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Immigration Law

Our Immigration Law attorneys provide U.S. citizens, permanent residents, refugees and asylum seekers with assistance in family re-unification matters, and help battered immigrant women flee from domestic violence by establishing legal residency under the Violence Against Women Act.

Human Trafficking

Our attorneys also help victims of Human Trafficking who are brought to the U.S. as modern-day slaves and forced to work in the sex trade, sweatshops, fields, and even private homes for meager or non-existent wages.

Torture Survivors Project

LAFLA’s Torture Survivors Project conducts outreach in key ethnic communities, where there are large populations of asylees and refugees who have come to the U.S. from countries where torture is commonly committed. These countries include Armenia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Kenya, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Guatemala, Honduras, Iran, Liberia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Peru, Somalia, Sudan and Vietnam.


If you need to speak with a LAFLA representative,
please call (800) 399-4529.

If you are in deportation proceedings, seeking political asylum, or interested in applying for permanent residency (Green card), please contact someone on our Resources list.

Citizenship: For help with obtaining citizenship, call (213) 640-3918.

Domestic Violence
If you are a victim of domestic violence and you believe you are eligible to apply for immigration status, please call LAFLA at (800) 399-4529. LAFLA also operates three Domestic Violence Clinics, located at courthouses throughout Los Angeles. We also have four Self Help Legal Access Centers, where our staff and volunteers provide legal information and assistance in filling out paperwork.

The Immigration Law Unit assists low-income clients with the following issues:


  • Assist clients seeking to become U.S. citizens through naturalization clinics at high schools and at senior citizens’ and other community centers
  • File administrative appeals of USCIS denials of naturalization
  • File Federal District Court actions to challenge final administrative denials of naturalization
  • Assist and represent clients who need medical disability waivers and have other complex issues

Battered Immigrant Women’s Project

  • Assist undocumented victims of domestic violence obtain their lawful permanent resident status under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  • File appeals of USCIS denials for relief under VAWA
  • Represent domestic violence victims in removal proceedings

Representation in Administrative USCIS and Immigration Court Proceedings

  • Prepare applications for relief in removal proceedings
  • Prepare witnesses in removal proceedings
  • File appeals with the Board of Immigration Appeals from adverse Immigration Court decisions
  • File actions in Federal District Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to challenge adverse decisions from the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Immigration Court
  • Conduct legal research and draft memoranda, motions and appellate briefs in matters before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals






For Legal Help, Call (800) 399-4529

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