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General Relief

What is it?
General Relief is a Los Angeles County Program that helps people with almost no money.

Who can Qualify?
You must reside in the Los Angeles County for at least 15 days and intend to remain here. If you are stranded here, you may ask for money to return to your legal residence. You cannot have more than $50 dollars in cash or in a bank account when you apply. If you live with your spouse, his/her income will be counted.

You can have the following:

  • One car worth less than $4500
  • Necessary household goods
  • The house you live in if it is worth less than $34,000 or less
  • What you get
  • Monthly cash benefits of $221
  • Bus tokens to required appointments and scheduled medical appointments
  • A personal care kit (DPSS will deduct $5 from your benefit)
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Housing repairs if there is a lien on your house
  • Supplements for medically required diets
  • Free health care for any county hospital or clinic
  • A referral to a county-paid drug or alcohol recovery program
  • Emergency benefits
  • Emergency Housing
  • Emergency Food
  • Aid to prevent eviction

How to apply
Go to a DPSS office that handles General Relief applications

Your rights when you apply

  • You have the right to apply, they cannot turn you away
  • You have the right to ask for expedited food stamps. If you are eligible, you can get food stamps the same day or within three days you apply
  • The County has 30 days to approve or deny your benefits



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